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Course Overview

This course is open to anybody who wants a guided introduction to preparing and cooking with fish and shellfish.

What makes this course special?

This is a new course and makes use of the incredible facilities of the Quantock Restaurant. The day will be packed full of hands on workshops, learning what to look for when buying fish, filleting and skinning flat and round fish, making a fish stock and preparing and cooking a range of shellfish. Lunch will be made by the group.

What is involved?

The day will start by preparing a crab bisque which will be used for the final dish of the day followed by a filleting abnd skinning masterclass. This will lead into a stock workshop which is a great way to ensure there is no waste when dealing with whole fish. Your delicious lunch will then be cooked together using the fish you have filleted during the morning.

The afternoon will be spent working with shellfish; scallops, mussels and prawns. You will finish the day creating two classic dishes; a baked scallop which will use the fish stock prepared in tehmorning and a shellfish bisque. You willleave with a little recipe book with all of the days’ dishes included as well as an information guide on buying and handling fresh fish and shellfish.

Additional costs

The costs for the course includes all the ingredients and refreshments you will be using throughout the day.

Assessment Methods

There will be full instruction on how to undertake each task and also a little recipe book to take home so you can carry on perfecting your fish and shellfish cookery.

Course Summary

Course Title Introduction to Preparing and Cooking Fish & Shellfish
Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Attendance Requirements One day
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We work in the Quantock Restaurant which offers a range of services from breakfast buffets to gourmet evenings. This means we’re able to practice our skills in a professional kitchen and front of house environment, and prepare ourselves for the industry.

Ruth Northcote-Brewer

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