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Course Overview

If you are passionate about words and intrigued by the development of our language, then this is the subject for you. This A Level subject will introduce you to a range of linguistic concepts. You will analyse your own idiolect (the words and phrases you use), along with a variety of spoken and written text ranging from children’s language to Shakespeare. You will also have the opportunity to craft your own writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Units of study include:

  • Component 1: Language Today – The study of varieties of contemporary language. You will explore how language choices reflect the identity of the user and how language use varies in context.
  • Component 2: Context – Writing for specific genres, audiences and purposes. You will demonstrate your skills as a writer and explore the techniques of a variety of genres in order to produce effective texts for specific genres, audiences and purposes.
  • Component 3: Language Diversity and Children’s Language. Learn about origin, development and variation of language, and look at how and why English has changed over time. You will also cover the development of English as a world language and the development of children’s spoken and written language.
  • Component 4: English Language and Investigation and Presentation. You will identify an aspect of language suitable for a research investigation, decide on the focus of your investigation, collect data, analyse it and draw relevant conclusions in relation to the focus of the investigation.

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed through written examinations and coursework.

Course Summary

Course Title English Language A Level
Entry Requirements

You need five GCSEs in the A* to C or 9 to 5 range, including
Maths and English.

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I chose to study at the College as it offered me the chance to study the subject I was most interested in and it has an excellent reputation, so I knew I could achieve here.

Callum Sherwood

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