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Course Overview

You need to be employed to start an Apprenticeship. Please visit our vacancy page or contact 01278 441234 if you have an employer. If you are unable to secure employment, you could enrol on a full-time study programme and transfer to an Apprenticeship at a later date. Please apply for a full-time course as your second option.

This Apprenticeship is a training programme for new or existing employees working within the leather industry. The programme operates in the workplace, where employees work alongside experienced staff to gain specific skills, whilst also receiving tuition from the College. The Apprenticeship enables an employer to fill specific skills gaps, adapt to new opportunities and technologies and train their workforce in their own way, passing on skills that have been acquired over many years.

We are working with a range of small and large businesses in areas including fashion and textiles.

This course is for individuals employed in the fashion and textile industry where an item is being manufactured using hand and machine sewing skills. You need to enjoy working in a practical way and within a team, and be keen to train both at work and at College.

Topics include:

  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of operations
  • Configure and prove production machinery
  • Monitor and sustain equipment performance
  • Service textile machinery and equipment
  • Provide technical input to bulk production
  • Conduct sample analysis
  • Produce prototype samples
  • Conduct pre-production trials
  • Contribute to product development
  • Develop designs for textile products
  • Develop colour recipes for initial colour samples
  • Prove colour recipes for bulk production
  • Develop finishing processes and produce samples
  • Prove finishing routines for bulk production
  • Control textile testing procedures
  • Check calibration of equipment
  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
  • Plan, allocate and monitor work of a team

Most jobs combine a number of these aspects, but whichever job you choose to do, your Apprenticeship will be structured so that the training matches your job. You will work for your employer four days a week and train for one day a week either in-house or at College.

Apprentices can start thisprogramme at any time of year.

Assessment Methods

There are no exams, assessment on an ongoing basis. Your tutors will obtain evidence that you can meet the required standards throughout your training.

You will be appointed an Assessor who will visit you in the workplace and assess your progress. Some of these visits will provide you with evidence that you can use towards our qualification. One day a week you will work on your college course work gaining the underpinning knowledge required. Assessment in Functional Skills in maths and English may apply.

Progression Options

On successful completion you could to progress into full-time employment or move n to university.

Course Summary

Course Title Textile Design and Manufacture Apprenticeship Level 3
Entry Requirements

You need GCSEs in the 9 to 4 (A* to C) range including English and maths and an interest/experience in the textiles industry. Course entry is subject to an initial assessment in order to determine the appropriate level of study and a successful interview. You will also need a suitable employer able and willing to support you during your Apprenticeship programme.

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I really enjoy studying here. My lessons have a friendly atmosphere and the tutors push me to be the best I can be. Studying here has allowed me to gain the qualifications I need to go on to a degree!

Myles Fisher

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