Mississippi Ambassador Trip – Entry Three - Bridgwater & Taunton College

Being in what is known as ‘Bible Belt’ America, for many of the group Sunday morning was spent at the local church with their host families.

There are many, many churches in the area we are staying in, and many denominations of religious beliefs.

The rest of the day was spent with host families, doing whatever they had planned. Some visited supermarkets just to witness their enormous size and selection of goods, some went out for lunch, and a number of others met up in High Heaven – the trampolining park!

The evening then became pretty eventful, with a tremendous thunderstorm which lasted most of the night, and phone alarms going off every half an hour or so, with tornado warnings. Despite the deluge of rain which fell overnight, and the houses which shook with each gigantic episode of thunder, there was no tornado in our area in the end, and everybody’s host houses were luckily all fine. However, it was quite an experience!

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