Basketball report: Team BC vs City Academy Bristol - Bridgwater & Taunton College

Team BC played away to City Academy Bristol, hoping to improve on their two point win in the Cup competition.

However Team BC struggled to convert their shot attempts into points with every player narrowly missing shots that would normally have been the teams ‘bread and butter’. This resulted in Team BC’s lowest score of six points at half time.

During half time they tried to figure out what was going wrong and focussed on getting their defence right. This allowed them to transition into fast breaks and resulted in some easy baskets and a third quarter score that was higher than the entire first half.

In the fourth quarter now with some confidence restored, Matt Harding quickly made two baskets for a personal best four points and pushed their fourth quarter performance to the game high, 13 points.

On the defensive end there were solid performances from Max Elve, Jack Williams and Liam Vickery.

Final score: Team BC 29 – 60 City Academy Bristol

Rich Anderson, Team BC Elite Basketball Men’s Head Coach said,

“Despite getting into the right positions and taking the right shots we failed to convert the majority of them. It appeared to be ‘one of those days’ for the majority of our players today. I’ve never seen anything like it, it was like there was some invisible force keeping the ball from going in for us.”

Team BC scorers: Liam Vickery (10 points), Jack Williams (8 points), Matt Harding (4 points), Jack Chillingworth (3 points), Connor Barrie (2 points), Max Elve (2 point).

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