University of South Wales Hosts Crime Day | Bridgwater & Taunton College

Students studying Criminology and/or Law at Bridgwater & Taunton College (BTC), received an invitation to a Crime Scene taster day, hosted by the University of South Wales (USW).

BTC students attended the day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the university had to offer, learning about activism, democracy, policing, forensics and criminological theories.

The day was structured around an animal rights burglary mock crime scenario, which started with a lecture about democracy and activism, which provided much needed context to the rest of the day.

Followed by a policing module, this enabled students to watch the suspect being arrested and students then searched the property using various pieces of technology, such as iPads, to catalogue suspected evidence.

Following this, students walked to the upper Glyntaff campus to have a session in the Forensics Laboratory for fingerprint lifting from the recovered evidence.

ESDA (Electrostatic Detection Device) scanning also took place, with them deploying the technology on a threatening letter the victim had received.

Finally, the students attended the lecture theatre for a Criminology lesson and discussion; USW lecturers gave praise to the students, shocked by the quality and quantity of their knowledge.

Sarah Shaw, Course Leader, said,

It was an incredible day! The students received so much valuable experience and knowledge, as well as direct experience of what university life has to offer. It will serve as a great memory and experience for the students to look back on, and we cannot thank the University of South Wales enough for the invitation.

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