The 24 hour football match 2018 - Bridgwater & Taunton College

In March 2019, year 2 Sport and Exercise Science students will be undertaking their annual trip to South Africa. The students will travel to Port Elizabeth where they will work with the charity “United Through Sport” in the township areas. They will be looking to use sport as a tool to inspire and educate the local children and will coach a variety of sports including football, netball, hockey and rugby. They will finish the trip by organising and running a multisport tournament for around 250 children. Whilst there they will also have the opportunity to teach English, Maths, Science and Health Education – which is crucially important to raise awareness of HIV. Ashley Fouracres is looking forward to the challenging experience,

“I am looking forward to the trip as it will give me the chance to apply what I have learnt at college into a real life situation. This trip will have a huge impact on both my life and the children’s as I will be learning about cultural differences, whilst also helping to give them opportunities they don’t usually have.”

Fundraising has always been a vital part of trip as students look to provide food to all staff and children that attend the tournament, provide sporting equipment and purchase trophies and medals. The annual 24 hour football match has become an important event in the fundraising efforts, since former student Morgan Adams first suggested it in 2016.

All 30 year 2 Sport and Exercise Science students and three members of staff – Alex Leach, Meg Watkin and Ash Kempson – undertook the challenge this year. The continuous game of 5-a-side football began at 10am on Thursday 22 November and ended on Friday 23 November. To help boost funds the students ran a ‘Guess the Amount of Goals’ competition, with course tutor Meg Watkin making the closest guess to the impressive total of 1550 goals! Blake Haste reflected on the enormity of the achievement,

“The 24 hour football was very demanding however doing it with a great group of people made it a great experience which felt very rewarding come the end. It was a brilliant group effort to raise money for a good cause.”

Following the 24 hour match, Course Leader Alex Leach said,

“We would like to thank all of those that supported the 24 hour match. It’s a really demanding event and the students (and staff) really appreciated the support. So to those that bought guesses, came down to watch, bought us sweets and donuts, made cakes, or bought us tea, coffee and biscuits – thank you! The students did themselves proud throughout the 24 hours, showing great comradery and a great work ethic – this will be vital on the trip! It was also enjoyable to score the last goal of the 24 hours for the second year running!”

The staff and students would also like to give a special mention to the College Support Team, who once again were extremely helpful and supportive throughout this process.

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