Supporting a BTC student through Apprenticeships or Industry Placements: Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Your Business | Bridgwater & Taunton College

Are you looking to take your organisation to new heights? Embracing apprenticeships and industry placements can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s explore how supporting a BTC student can translate into tangible benefits.

Apprenticeships and industry placements offer businesses an exceptional opportunity to develop talent and skills tailored to their needs. By supporting a BTC student, you gain access to a pool of talented and motivated young individuals eager to learn and grow.

The advantages of supporting a BTC student are numerous:


  • Access to Driven and Talented Individuals: When you support a BTC student, you gain access to our talent pool of motivated and ambitious apprentice applicants, where we will pre-match suitable candidates to your vacancies. This streamlined process minimises time spent on recruitment while ensuring candidates have a conditional college place upon finding suitable employment.


  • Developing Talent Aligned to Industry Needs: BTC’s collaboration with industry partners enables the College to tailor training programs to meet specific skills and knowledge required for various roles. This ensures apprentices possess the technical expertise and understanding of your business operations, facilitating a seamless integration into your workforce.


  • Addressing Skills Gaps and Strengthening the Local Economy: By investing in apprenticeships and industry placements, you contribute to bridging skills gaps within the community, fostering economic growth and innovation. BTC’s specialised training equips students with high-demand skills, empowering businesses to thrive within your skilled workforce.


  • The Ripple Effect: Creating Sustainable Opportunities: Supporting students through these programs generates a positive ripple effect within the community. Graduates enter the workforce with enhanced skills and become potential mentors for future apprentices, nurturing a culture of continuous learning. As businesses flourish, they create more job opportunities, leading to sustained economic growth in the region.


Here is what one of our employers had to say about the effect of taking on an apprentice for his business;

Ultimately we try to equip our apprentices with the skills and qualities that we look for as an employer. Using the apprenticeship programme is amazing for us as it provides us with a number of highly qualified, highly skilled staff at the end of the apprenticeship programme, as well as giving the apprentice the opportunity to experience life in the industry. It is a great pipeline for us as an ever-expanding business to get new staff on board.

PH Sports – Pete Hickerton, Director

In conclusion, supporting a BTC student through apprenticeships and industry placements can support your workforce needs, drive business growth, and strengthen local economy. BTC provides a wide range of apprenticeships and industry placements across various industries, ensuring you’ll find a program that aligns perfectly with your business.

Interested in taking on an Apprentice or Work Placement Student? Call our team of Business Relationship Managers, who offer a single point of contact for all aspects of your workforce development needs on 01278 655111, email or submit an enquiry here.

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