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Our Construction Live! experiences have been specifically designed to provide a hands-on programme of planning, managing and implementing a range of construction projects in a safe, yet ‘live’ construction environment.

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Project Scenarios

We offer a variety of construction project-based scenarios for universities, schools and employers, bespoke to the needs of the organisation.

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Construction and Project Management, Quantity and Building Surveying and Architectural Technology

"This project is beneficial in terms of the students learning a lot of basic skills, on site and in construction, health and safety, and most importantly it's about teamwork. They are doing projects as a team which is useful for the rest of their course, and probably for the rest of their life and their careers as their hard work continues.

Some of them will be recognised as team leaders for their leadership skills, and their individual tasks are all beneficial for them in terms of gaining skills."

Dr. Mahmood Alam, Univeristy of Brighton.

Building Surveying

"Everyone from their different roles and courses are having a good time, and it's good for teamwork and team building as well. Just getting the whole project done, seeing it from the start; it's good to see it progressing now through to the end.

It's very hard work. I've done bricklaying before but never this kind of manual digging of ditches and trenches and groundwork.

I think Construction Live!, to add to your CV is really useful. It's having that practical edge when you go in to industry."

Will Templeman 2, Unversity of Brighton

Building Surveying

"Construction Live! has been really fun. Everyone has learnt a lot in their area. I did water drainage with a small team of five and then I took charge as Project Manger. I like getting my hands dirty, so I was getting right in there.

With one of the modules at uni, it's been useful seeing it all happen here, such as Building Technology. I think it will open some different ways of looking at it. I hope to go in to an assistant project management role, taking on more responsibility and eventually finding my own project."

Connor Murphy 2, University of Brighton.

Construction Engineering Management

"I've loved the week, it's really hands-on and I've enjoyed it. Learning the skills has been incredible, because you can take those skills on site, so when I go on mu placement I'll know how to do shuttering, and I even learnt some of the steel fixing. Also, learning communication skills was really vital, because you can think about everything and how it will go, but when you're actually on site it never goes to plan.

I feel like I've actually experienced what it's like on site - especially as a labourer, because our course is Construction management, so we're going to be managing people and it's nice to know how they feel and what it's like under stress and having to get things done by a certain time."

Daisy Willan, Loughborough University

Construction Engineering Management

"The Hinkley visit was very good, and the first day on site we were skills loading and working hard on site as a team, with lots of group cooperation.

I have worked on a building site during the summer, but the drainage system here I haven't done before, and all the excavation with plant - plant operations, marshals, lifting plans - I've never seen them before.

I would like to work abroad to begin with, in Project Management and work up more to be a Project Manager on a big project. I believe this experience has given me an insight into Project Management."

Benedict Smith, Loughborough University

Construction Engineering Management

"I've found the week really interesting; I think I've learnt a lot more than I thought I would. Coming into it I thought I'd know pretty much everything. But finding out how flexible you need to be in construction surprised me a lot. There are things we thought we'd get done on day one which we're only finishing on day four.

The bits I've enjoyed most are laying out the roads and the surveying element,. It was really nice to do something on a project where you are actually building something having levelled it; putting practical into something that is mainly theoretical is really good.

Construction Live! has definitely given me experience which I can take on site, like site etiquette, and working around plant as well because I've never done that before."

Henry Wilson-Brett, Loughborough University

Construction Management

"I’ve been at this university for five years and have not done Construction Live before. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Some of the best things have been having the trainers working with the students, so they get to meet those with real life experience and to meet the sort of people they will meet in industry and start to get a feel of how things work.

It’s been an absolute dream for me to help to run the project. It’s been really well structured, really well thought out. The attention to detail has been great, and the students have really appreciated it.

For our full time students it enables them to get some real life experience – in the Site Management and Safety module, and the Safe Engineering Works modules, and I make this an integral part of the course. "

Dr. Fred Sherratt, Course Leader for BSc Hons in Construction Management, Anglia Ruskin University

Civil Engineering

"I had no idea about Construction Live, but it’s been so interesting. I did not know the in-depth of the working, the practical. I’d never heard about formwork before.

My team helped to do the road work. The plan was given to us with the dimensions, and then I thought maybe I want to go into Design Engineering, because at some points we were confused and needed more information, and this has given me an idea about what I want to do.

I have enjoyed my time doing this project. The instructors are friendly, and tell you what to do, what not to do. And everyone was working together. Sometimes I stood back and thought wow, what we can accomplish together!"

Akinsika Temitope, Anglia Ruskin University

Construction Management

"They told us the first week of the second year of our course that we would be doing Construction Live. I was looking forward to it because I have never been on a construction site before, so I was really interested to see what it was like.

The week has been fun. It’s given me a real insight, especially with PPE – they’re really strict – it’s given me lots of insight into a real construction site – the mud, the weather, how you need to dress. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons from it – the importance of PPE.

It has shaped what I want to do in the future. I didn’t know about formwork and working with timber – I’m really interested in it now. "

Bushra Durowoju, Anglia Ruskin University

CITB and Funding

The Construction Live! programme would not be possible without CITB funding and our sponsors. Thank you!

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A big thank you to our partners, whose contributions help Construction Live! to happen....

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