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Course Overview

Chemistry is the branch of science that involves the study of substances. It looks at the interactions that exist between substances but also crucially how we can use this understanding to synthesize new products to dramatically improve our lives.

You will develop a sound grasp of theories, concepts and chemicals, many of which you meet in everyday life; what are polymers and how are they made, how do they ‘design’ pharmaceuticals, what exactly are catalysts and which chemical elements and compounds do we rely upon day after day? Chemistry and the work of the chemist is all around us and understanding that in a very practical way makes the subject exciting.

Modules include:

  • Foundations in Chemistry which picks up your GCSE knowledge and starts you to think more deeply about chemistry and what you thought you knew
  • The Periodic Table and energy which looks at patterns seen in elements and compounds and introduces you to chemical energetics
  • Core organic Chemistry which starts an in-depth study of the world of polymers and common organic products
  • Physical Chemistry and the transition elements which focuses on predictive chemistry and the chemistry of this particular group of elements
  • Organic Chemistry and analysis which takes you deeper into the world of industrial chemistry looking at pharmaceutical synthesis, dyes and food additives as well as analytical techniques

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed through written examinations in June of each year.

Progression Options

You could progress to university and chemistry is the most requested subject by universities. There is a growing number of students starting Higher Apprenticeships after their A Levels and some find employment in the technical and analytical world of work.

Course Summary

Course Title Chemistry A Level
Entry Requirements

You need
five GCSEs in the A* to C or 9 to 5 range, including Maths and English.

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I chose to study at the College as it offered me the chance to study the subject I was most interested in and it has an excellent reputation, so I knew I could achieve here.

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