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In the ever-evolving educational landscape, Bridgwater & Taunton College remains at the forefront of innovation, understanding that technology plays a pivotal role in modern learning. In a significant move to enrich the educational experience, every A Level and first year Level 3 student at BTC will be equipped with their own Apple iPads in education. This is to ensure immediate access to a world of learning resources at their fingertips.

This complements our many digital innovations – such as Taunton Campus’s state-of-the-art Digital Hub, being recognised as a Microsoft Showcase College, and our Digital Skills Bootcamps.


Seamless Access to Educational Resources for Everyone

The integration of iPads into our educational framework allows students to dive into a vast array of resources. Whether it’s interactive textbooks, educational apps, or digital libraries, learners can seamlessly access the information they need. This instant availability not only bolsters their research capabilities but also introduces them to a diverse range of learning materials, accommodating various educational needs and learning styles.

The plethora of accessibility features built into the iPad also mean we can cater to a wide-range of accessibility concerns, whether cognitive-related features and assistance for those who are visually impaired to speech-to-text and mobility adjustments.

Our Heritage library catalogue is available 24/7 for accessing e-books, which you can read online or offline by downloading a copy. We also run a Digital Book Club as a literacy and wellbeing initiative, via Microsoft Teams.


Interactive and Engaging Learning

Apple iPads in education facilitate a more interactive form of learning. Students can engage with content through videos, interactive diagrams, and digital assessments. This form of learning isn’t just about consumption; it’s about interaction. Students can use these tools to create presentations and collaborate on projects, making learning more dynamic and engaging.

Course Leaders suggest a plethora of suitable apps to help students identify these opportunities, enabling online collaboration and developing transferable skills across the digital space.


Organised and Efficient Study

With the help of iPads, students can organise their study materials more efficiently. They can save all their books, class notes, schedules, and coursework in one place, helping them stay organised and on top of their study game. Plus, with various productivity and time management apps, students can plan their workload and stay on top of their educational routine.

Via our student portal, students are able to access their timetables, add credit for cashless payments, access cloud storage and even get in contact with the BTC Helpdesk.


Eco-Friendly Learning

By using iPads, BTC also promotes an eco-friendly learning environment. With materials being shared digitally, the need for paper is significantly reduced. This step is part of BTC’s commitment to sustainability, showing that as an institution, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and educating our students on the importance of environmental stewardship.


Preparation for the Future

In the digital age, tech-savvy individuals stand out in the competitive job market. Familiarity with digital tools is almost a necessity in many career paths. By integrating iPads into daily learning, BTC ensures that students are not only proficient in technology but also prepared to enter a workforce where digital literacy is increasingly valued.


By providing each student with an iPad, BTC demonstrates a commitment to innovative, inclusive, and future-forward education, it’s about providing a robust, diverse, and interactive learning environment where every student can thrive. Join us, and embrace a modern approach to your education journey!

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