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A career in legal services will allow you to bring change to the world. Depending on the cases you take on will depend on the impact you have on the environment, human rights or individuals. Below are reasons why studying Legal Services will allow you to reap the benefits of the law industry without having a career as a lawyer. You will,

  1. Develop essential people skills, enabling you to debate, discuss and negotiate, as well as performing well at interviews. Whatever your career path, being a confident and articulate professional will hold you in good stead
  2. Receive a broad education, there are so many different aspects within one qualification, so you’re able to keep options open, whilst exploring these areas
  3. Open the door to so many potential careers, here are just a few:
  • Paralegal
  • Mortgage executive
  • Management
  • Court officer
  • Public sector legal departments
  • Human resources
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Precognition agent
  • Estate agent
  1. Use it as an entry to higher education and a degree of your choice
  2. Earn a competitive salary, research into the legal industry across the UK tells us that this sector has the highest earning potential of all. Average starting salaries for graduates are £42,250 and on average UK lawyers earn £68,700 per year. There are examples of much higher salaries than this being obtained in key locations, with salaries reaching £200,000 plus.
  3. Legal training gives you a wealth of transferable skills. 61% of employers say they prioritise soft skills over career experience, with most stating teamwork and communication as the key attributes, along with others like emotional and people skills. All these attributes will be developed during your legal studies
  4. If you believe in making a difference, studying Law could not be more fitting. For many, this can be a greater pull than a big salary. To do something fulfilling and make a difference to the World.
  5. If you have a desire to learn and a competitive spirit, studying Law provides an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself. The journey to becoming a fully-fledged lawyer is as rewarding as the job itself

If you want to learn more about working in legal services, visit our website and look at our Legal T Level. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Information & Advice team on 01278 441234.

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