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Apprenticeships bring exciting and rewarding opportunities to business and are accessible to all individuals aged 16+ who wish to combine quality on-the-job training with learning and development.

With the government’s latest announcement and new initiatives in place to ‘Plan for Jobs’, there has never been a better time to recruit new talent into your team, helping your business rebuild and recover.  

So, if you’re a business thinking about what options maybe available to you, here are some of the many benefits that BTC Apprenticeships bring to your business.


Injecting young talent into your team can add a whole new dimension to your workplace. With fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, your business could see smarter working opportunities and dynamic changes that are cost-effective and bring new skills into the organisation – this in turn can see a big rise in productivity and developmental opportunities for other members of your team, leading to improvements from use of more effective processes. Working alongside experienced employees in the field, this young apprentice has the chance to grow and develop skills relevant to the organisation that can lead to staff loyalty and retainment.

You’ll receive £2000 bonus for recruiting an Apprentice aged 16-24 and £1500 for recruiting a 25 year old+*


You don’t need to be a school leaver to become an apprentice. Many people use Apprenticeships as a form of development or an opportunity to retrain in a particular field. Given the current economic climate, there will be a rise in individuals having to retrain in unfamiliar territory and an Apprenticeship is the perfect solution to do this. Having worked in a particular field for a number of years, this apprentice brings industry experience as well as the knowledge of how a company works, social, communication and possibly managerial skills also.

Data reports 90% of apprentices stay on in their workplace after completing their Apprenticeship. As well as helping you to gain the right kind of skills you need for your business, employing an apprentice can aid staff retention, providing you with skilled staff for the future. The new Apprenticeship Standards are employer-led and tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business. This brings an added advantage of an effectively trained new employee who thinks and acts in the interests of your business from day one.

Employers value their apprentices because they help them fill the skills gap within the company. Working alongside our dedicated Business Development team at BTC, we are able to develop an Apprenticeship scheme to meet your training requirements to help ensure that you get the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ll need to grow talent and productivity in your workforce – leading to profit!

As Apprenticeships are primarily work-based training programmes, this training takes place on the employers’ premises, and therefore is suited to the times of the employer – to minimise disruption and maximize business impact.


Apprentices really can revitalise a company, the growth and development over the course of an Apprenticeship, can be highly rewarding for the employee but also for you and your business. Let’s go back to the 16-year-old, finishing school and joining your business as an apprentice, they’ve spent years within your organisation and are now part of your senior team – you’ve instilled that confidence within them throughout their journey, helping them gain the personal and professional skills required to become that team leader, manager or even managing director of your business.

*Subject to government changes

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