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Whatever you’re looking for, a career in finance and accountancy can help you get there. Here’s why…

You can work in any sector, anywhere in the world: Financial management is the discipline that drives all business. Finance professionals create the strategies and carry out the work that leads businesses to success. This is why all industries, all over the world, need the best finance professionals. So, when you choose finance and accountancy, you’ll be in demand – and doors to respected, hugely rewarding career opportunities will open for you. And if you want to work internationally, the right qualification can take you all over the globe.

It’s highly flexible: Whether you want to work in fashion, politics, sport or business – accountancy could be your route in. The skills you gain when you study accountancy turn you into a highly sought-after finance professional who can work across teams and in strategic, diverse roles – all the way up to the boardroom.

It’s hugely rewarding: A career in accountancy could come with generous salaries and opportunities to progress quickly. It’s a highly respected profession and is also satisfying – you’ll draw on strategic, leadership and communication skills, work with a variety of teams and really impact your workplace and the wider world.

A huge number of job opportunities: Some people worry that accounting is becoming obsolete with all technological advancements. That’s just not true. While the roles are shifting and becoming more analytical rather than data-centric, technology is creating a greater variety of exciting jobs in the accounting industry. Even with advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, businesses need accountants to interpret complex tax laws and ever-changing regulations. Plus, accountants help manage and decode financial information to help organisations make informed business decisions.

Rewarding and exciting work: There’s a common misconception that accounting is just entering numbers into a spreadsheet. Truthfully, accountants are helping their organisations in fascinating ways. Using financial data, you’ll interpret the numbers and help the business.

Variety of roles and industries: Accounting is a flexible career choice. Every organisation needs accounting. Some businesses are large enough to have in-house accounting teams. Others rely on accounting firms to handle their finances. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly for companies you’re passionate about. Perhaps you’ll work as an accountant for a brand that you love. Or, maybe you are interested in sports and choose to work behind the scenes to keep a sports team’s finances in order.

Great salary for accountants: The average annual salary for an accountant in the UK was £51,200, in 2022. Most roles require advanced degrees and certifications. Companies understand that those qualifications demand higher salaries – and they’re willing to deliver them. Getting additional training and certification is excellent if you want to increase your pay. You’ll enhance your skills to become better at your current role, plus you’ll qualify for advanced positions and stand out among other candidates.

Growth opportunities: There are plenty of opportunities to advance within the accounting industry. Lateral moves are becoming more popular, but an accounting career can prepare you for a role as an executive, too. After gaining a few years of experience in various roles, you can look for management opportunities. CEO and CFO roles, along with other corporate executives, can benefit from a background of accounting knowledge. Plus, you’ll be working closely with people at other businesses in your role as an accountant. Having a diverse network can help you navigate toward your dream job. Even if you decide to switch career paths after several years, accounting skills are fantastic in many other business roles.

If you want to learn more about working in accountancy or becoming an accountant, visit our website and look at our Accounting T Level. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Information & Advice team on 01278 441234.

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