University of Law Delivers Criminal Investigations Showcase at BTC | Bridgwater & Taunton College

The University of Law visited Bridgwater & Taunton College to deliver a Criminal Investigations Showcase to students studying A Level Law, Criminology, and Applied Science.

The students and the opportunity to gain an understanding of what it would be like to study at a Higher Education level, and how a case progresses from the crime scene to the courtroom.

The showcase featured several crime scenes constructed around the Bridgwater campus, which students eagerly investigated with guidance from guest speakers. Wearing crime scene investigation gear, they noted and processed evidence, established motive and worked as a collective to solve the crimes.

Students also studied the Tony Martin case in-depth and created questions that the suspect may be asked in a court case. Tony Martin was a farmer from Norfolk, England, who shot a burglar in his home in August 1999.

This case sparked a debate nationwide, regarding one’s right to defend their own home, with conflicting evidence and a lack of a valid firearms certificate playing a crucial role in Martin’s conviction.

The University of Law then utilised real-life global cases to engage students in conversations about gun control law to compare and contrast differences across the world. Students finished the workshop by exploring the study of victimology.

Later in the week, Applied Science students were able to learn about the different types of fingerprinting – latent, patent and plastic – enjoying a session where they explored the characteristics of our own fingerprints, and specifics to look out for, such as loops, arches and whorls.

For centuries fingerprints have been used for identifying purposes, and are used in court cases in both the UK and worldwide. They are often crucial pieces of evidence, helping to link the suspect to the crime scene. Everyone’s fingerprint is totally unique from another person – everyone has a different fingerprint, including identical twins!

Zoe Deane Loveridge, A Level Law student, said,

I found the workshop really interesting! I have never heard of the University of Law before and now I can see that they have so many great options available to me – I liked to see how my subjects work in the real world and it was brilliant to mix and collaborate with students from other subjects, who I wouldn’t normally work with. I am convinced to pursue a career now in the criminology / law field.

Karen Crowley, Course Leader, said,

I am so grateful for the University of Law to travel to BTC and deliver these specialised workshops to our students. It really enriches their understanding of the theory taught in the classroom and how it transpires to real-life cases and discussions on topics like gun crime and how there are multiple layers of victims to crime.

I also believe that students who study Criminology and Law saw how the two subjects come together with their similarities and how their differences complement each other well. I am certain that a number of my students will consider the University of Law in their progression opportunities, and we hope to book more of their workshops in the coming months.

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